Representing leading electrical manufacturers for over 50 years!

We have earned our place as a leader in the field of electrical products because world-renowned manufacturers trust us to represent their brands and expand their market base.

Desdowd maintains strong partnerships with the major players in the electrical products industry in Quebec and the Ottawa region. We provide an extensive and trusted distribution network, profitable marketing strategies, and a proactive and reliable sales force. Read More


We are proud to play an instrumental role in increasing sales for the manufacturers we represent and to take an active part in their success. We continuously strive to offer excellent service by staying up-to-date on the economic issues they face, be it in new market development, sales representation, or technical support and after-sales service. Read More


Our goal as a manufacturers’ agent is to provide the best possible service to our distribution network. To uphold the trust and reputation Desdowd has earned over the years, we continue to offer outstanding customer service, experienced representatives and a qualified technical team. Read More


Desdowd: A dedicated team working to grow your sales