Desdowd: Top-rated manufacturers' agent for electrical and associated products

Over the past 50 years, Desdowd has developed strong partnerships with the major players in the electrical products industry in Quebec and the Ottawa region. We provide an extensive and trusted distribution network, profitable marketing strategies, and a proactive and reliable sales force. We represent not only world-renowned brands, but exclusive product lines and smaller companies offering high-quality products for both the commercial and industrial markets.


We are proud to play an instrumental role in increasing sales for the manufacturers we represent and to take an active part in their success. We continuously strive to offer excellent service by staying up-to-date on the economic issues they face, be it in new market development, sales representation, or technical support and after-sales service.



Trust our team to increase your sales, reach new markets,
reduce your fixed costs and improve your profits.

The DESDOWD advantage for manufacturers:

  • Development focused on all vertical markets (new market opportunities)
  • Highly qualified team of 20, including 8 sales representatives on the road and 8 in-house sales reps
  • Large territory (all of Quebec, plus the Ottawa region)
  • Strong relationships with our distributors and a significant network of potential buyers in the electrical and electronics industry (50 years of intense market development)
  • A team of technical advisors working on product specifications alongside engineers, designers, architects and consultants
  • Focus on technological innovation
  • Experienced team that can customize some products to your specifications and distributors’ requests
  • Fast and effective after-sales service
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Top-notch sales team

Marketing support and product showcasing

  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Promotion of new products
  • Promotional events
  • Training