MegaResistors products, availaible at Desdowd!

Canadian company founded in 2008, specialized in the design and manufacture of high-quality power resistors used for industry intensive and critical applications. Their broad line of products help us meet the needs of your industry, from crane control, to industrial mining, to electrical noise reduction.

MegaResistors has numerous certifications, a testament to our product quality and focus on customer satisfaction. They operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 for the Design and Manufacture of Power Resistors. They have been granted authorization to engage in the business of providing services within the practice of professional engineering in the Province of Ontario in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Engineers Act. Their products meet national and international standards and codes (Including UL, NEC, CSA, IEEE, NEMA and IEC) and can be custom made to suit your specific requirements.

Produits MegaResistors disponibles :

  • Neutral Grounding Resistors
  • Neutral Grounding Cabinets
  • Motor Control Resistors
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Harmonic Filter Resistors
  • Resistive Load Banks
  • High Resistance Grounding Systems
  • Second Ground Fault Protection Systems

All products are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.

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